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April 4, 2019

Six Reasons Why A Company Should Experience a Digitization

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It’s the digital age, and digital transformations are revolutionizing companies. They’re a cornerstone to modern companies, and they’re a key process to help bring your business to the forefront of your industry or niche. But why should a company go through and experience a digital transformation? What are the benefits? We’re going to outline several critical reasons below.

1. Boost Employee Engagement

  • Your staff is arguably your business’s greatest asset, and the digital age has brought unique challenges and demands for your staff to take on. In order to keep your staff engaged and thriving in your company, they need the correct tools. Things like fit-for-purpose software and technology or embracing remote work can boost your employee’s engagement levels. In turn, it’ll help you retain your company’s greatest assets, and get a productive workforce.

2. Keep Pace with Customer Expectations

  • No matter which sector your business excels in, your customers are critical to your success. Customers can have very high expectations of what they believe their experience should be like when they interact with a company. If they find a company that does the same thing as your company but the other company is faster, they’re likely to go to them. A digital transformation can help you keep pace or surpass any expectations your customers may have.

3. Allow Companies to Gain a Competitive Edge

  • Competition between companies is fierce, and you have to pull out all the stops to come out on top. The internet and technology have smashed geographic barriers between companies and potential customers, and huge new markets are available. Embracing these digital opportunities allows your company to carve out a niche for themselves and flourish in a whole new market, no matter where the company’s base is in the world.

4. Enhance Security Features

  • You most likely have sensitive data stored somewhere in your network, and this can be a massive security problem if you’re using older software or techniques to safeguard this information. A digital transformation gives you access to the latest security features, software, and encryption capabilities that all work to keep both your company’s data and your customer’s sensitive data secure and out of the wrong hands.

5. Incorporate AI Technology

  • Recently, AI technology has had a huge surge in popularity for both brick and mortar and online companies to help enhance the customer’s experience. We’ve seen a huge surge in chatbots that give customers access to customer support 24 hours a day through a company’s website. As AI technology starts to take off and take over the more mundane tasks at a company, it frees up the employees to be more productive on larger tasks or projects.

6. Scale Your Company’s Data Requirements

  • Cloud technology gives companies the chance to scale their data requirements without worrying about digital infrastructure constraints. You can store thousands of pieces of data all in one centralized location for your staff to access quickly and easily, and you’ll be able to focus on growing your business.

How Swivelt Can Guide Your Company Through a Digital Transformation

With over 20 years of experience in delivering fast and efficient solutions that produce results to Fortune 50 companies, Swivelt offers our clients opportunities for continuous improvement within their organization. We’re flexible and fast, and we have passionate and highly motivated teams that want to help you.

Whether you need sales, support, shared services, Omni-channels, or you want to go digital, we’ll customize a solution to fit your company’s profile and unique wants and needs. You can get in touch today to find out more or to start your digital transformation

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