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Job Description

Responsibility for media and agency management, roles and responsibilities, selection, contract negotiation, and ongoing performance management including processes and continuous improvement. Deliver marketing acquisition campaigns aligned to strategy and take Responsibility for managing the implementation of campaign including processes for fulfillment, monitoring, optimization, and reporting. take Responsibility for end to end marketing acquisition metrics and funnel optimization including: budget, media and promotion activities spend, web analytics, user journey optimization, etc. Work with internal teams to monitor, assess and optimize each new lead/client touchpoint. Responsible for acquisition journeys across all channels and touchpoints. Work with sales team to execute national promotion plan to further grow and improve the possibility of business. Organize effective marketing activities to support sales achieve sales target.
The Marketing Manager is responsible for marketing strategy, media & campaign management, and performance optimization. Working as part of the Marketing Team accountable for delivering new client growth through all marketing resources and new customer touchpoints.
Develop and execute short-term and long-term marketing plans including but not limited to brand, product, media, public relations, promotion strategies, etc. Develop market analysis and understanding based on marketing, sales and Customer Demand, Industry Insight, competitive analysis, Service needs and financial simulation. Contribute ideas to shape the roadmap of marketing acquisition and media activities, having an expert understanding of the range of digital media and web optimization tactics and techniques required to achieve impactful and successful programs within the PRC and APAC regions.
In depth knowledge of Online media, traffic and lead generation, methods and technology within today’s ecosystem. Experience in the APAC region, especially mainland China market. Proven track record of identifying, developing, and delivering major digital opportunities, delivering sales & marketing campaigns, especially in lead generation and conversion. Experience with advanced data analytics and attribution modeling is essential to ensure a data-driven mind-set and approach to all marketing activity. Advanced Google analytics, Excel, PowerPoint skills and knowledge. Excellent English & Mandarin capability, communication, and presentation skill. Experience of working in virtual teams, and of working remotely with international resources & stakeholders. Ability to prioritize and execute multiple programs in a highly dynamic environment. Strong problem-solving abilities, able to facilitate discussions and outcomes. High Work ethics: reliable, responsive, and attention to detail

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