Network Ops & Maintenance Engineer/ Consultant (Mandarin speaker)

Our client is a global leader in the next generation of digital services and consulting. This role is to support Tencent project. This role is required to work on call/ standby.

Job Description

  • Plan and construct Tencent Cloud data center network, VPC, load balance platform. Improve operation and maintenance efficiency.
  • Analyze and solve network problem, provide methodology and improve technical ability in team.
  • Improve usability of network platform via technical method and process management.
  • Find unreasonable and inefficient aspect in daily work. Provide optimization plan and implement it.
  • Bachelor’s degree or above.
  • Minimum 2 years of related experience. Be familiar with TCP/IP, SDN. Be able to troubleshoot problem in Linux virtual network.
  • Be familiar with major network devices, and proficient in network protocol (eg. ospf, bgp). Experience in network design, operation and maintenance is a plus.
  • Have good understanding of major virtual technique (eg. kvm, xen, hyper-v, lxc), and hands-on experience in troubleshooting virtual problems.
  • Be familiar with Sniffer, Wireshark and other network analysis tools
  • Basic Linux and Windows Knowledge
  • Be skilled in one or more scripts like Shell, Python and Perl. Be proficient in common commands like awk, sed, grep, strace, tcpdump, gdb etc.
  • Good Mandarin proficiency
  • This role is required to work on call/ standby.


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