Why Your Business Needs Single View

November 2, 2020

One of the issues that organizations face today, regardless of the size of their business, is to monitor all the objectives and measurements over all pieces of the association in a solitary view. Not having all the correct data about your whole business readily available can be very disappointing and will bring about botched chances and execution.

It is difficult to gather information from different sources physically, and there is consistently a danger of human mistake all through the cycle. All in all, why put time and assets in driving an incapable, deficient and dull cycle? Would you like to remain on the ball and keep up a serious edge?

Single View is the Key to your success! 

Your association will profit by intensifying Business Intelligence (BI) activities and putting resources into an Automated Single View that gives a visual portrayal of your business execution. At the point when done right, you will have an integral asset that takes care of your dynamic cycle and disentangles the administration of your business.  

Here are the three key benefits on what a Single View can do for your business:  

 1. Automated Data to provide good data integrity. 

Numerous organizations frequently depend on their dashboards without understanding that information could be obsolete or incorrect. In the event that you plan on utilizing your single view dashboard as a dynamic instrument, at that point robotizing your information with organized information approval approach is the correct approach. Not exclusively will this guarantee information precision consistently, however it will give dependable ongoing bits of knowledge that permit you to settle on all around educated business choices.

2. Identifies weaknesses of the business. 

Single view is a useful asset to improve your business the executives. It disentangles the screen and track of exercises and results over the entire business and empowers pioneers to make important and fitting move with certainty. Moreover, it very well may be intended to be your initial admonition framework so you can get signs and experiences on exhibitions and dangers that could adversely affect your business goals.

3. Display of Metrics and Customization 

Numerous organizations tragically clutter up their dashboards. Despite the fact that your dashboard may look outwardly satisfying it won’t really prompt any activity. A decent plan resembles a decent measurement, it fills your dashboard with significant knowledge as opposed to simply pretty outlines.   

Current dashboards give you the adaptability to alter your view to your business. For a powerful single view dashboard, make a custom fitted and organized visual introduction with noteworthy measurements. Permit the business client the capacity to choose which information is imperative to show and bore down to the detail expected to settle on the correct choice.

Stay ahead of your competitors and use an effective Single View to drive great outcomes.  

Swivelt uses iStrives to get an accurate and holistic single view across the whole business, provide a tailored interaction to fit the needs of every individual and ensure a common view and understanding of all the key business objectives. This makes our predictive analytics incredibly powerful! 

iStrives can enhance all parts of your business from Sales to operations with an accurate and efficient Single View strategy. If you’re interested to learn how iStrives can help your organization, head over to for a free trial or book a demo. 

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