Put analytics capability at everyone’s fingertips rather than a select few in your organisation.
This powerful tool allows all the data connected to and generated by iStrives to be turned into visuals to identify trends and opportunities to improve decision making at all levels. Now you don’t need a separate business intelligence tool.

Swivelt - Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence


Business Analysis

Combine data points and metrics to go beyond trends into analytics to make decision making easier


Export Intelligence

Each graph has an export function so that you can quickly access the raw data or simply reuse the visual for business updates and communications



You are in complete control to create as many dashboards as you need so you can get a clear view of department, individuals, suppliers, and partner performance and outcomes. Make private dashboard as well as public dashboards, and don’t worry: your permissions settings control what each person sees ​

Trend Charts

Trend Charts

Trend charts are available at all levels and help you quickly understand if your leading and lagging indicators are heading in the right direction. With iStrives, you can instantly interact with the trends to kick off any actions and/or send out positive messages to keep everyone motivated​

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