Automate Performance Management and Simplify Collaboration

Control every aspect of your business with our all-in-one performance management platform for your teams (employees, partners and suppliers)
Performance Management

Simplify performance management and make it easy for your teams to drive their success

  • Data Upload
  • Data API Connector
  • Metric Builder
  • Target Builder
  • Performance Triggers
  • Scorecard Settings
Project Management

A powerful tool to manage projects and digitize processes quickly and easily

  • Scheduling
  • Geotagging
  • Task Dependency
  • Project Templates
  • List, Board, Gantt Views
  • Collaboration Tool
  • History Log
  • Fully customisable

Put your team in control of their performance with iStrives

Try iStrives for free and see how it grows your team performance


Structured yet simple and efficient tool for team communication and knowledge sharing

  • Chats
  • Feedback
  • Tips

Powerful HR tool covering all your people's needs

  • Leave Management
  • Expense management
  • Employees Journey
  • All Employee data
  • Time and Motion
  • Recruitment Management
  • Behaviour Mechanics
  • Mood Tracker

Make performance management fun and exciting for your team

  • Contests
  • Custom Rewards
  • Custom Notifications
  • Social Mechanics
  • Leader Boards
  • Visual Gauges
Swivelt - iGamify - Gamification

Curious to see how iStrives functionality will optimize your collaboration and HR management while making daily target achieving fun and exciting for your team?

iStrives is exactly the app you were looking for


Reward and motivate your rock stars so that they continue to shake and move your business straight to success

  • Star Rating
  • Digital Rewards
  • Monetary Rewards

Create a “toolbox” for each role to increase productivity and stop losing time hunting

  • Document Storage
  • Videos & Images
  • Forms & Content
  • Process & Procedures
  • External Links
Task Management Section

Simplify task management and distribution (1:1 or to everyone) with a single view that helps with prioritisation, collaboration and progress

  • Task Allocation
  • Status and Progress Gauges
  • Auto Duplicate
  • Lists and Board Views
  • Approval and Change Logs

Isn’t it what every business is looking for - have all your tools in a single app?

Well, iStrives is exactly the app


Design custom feeds that automatically pull and organise internal and external information to save time spent searching

  • Custom Role Views
  • Unlimited Feed Boards
  • Blogs, News, Careers
  • Posting and Sharing
Business Intelligence

Have a look across the organization to see the trends in the business