With iStrives document management, put information at the fingertips of your team, so it is easy to access what they need for their role: valuable links, business materials, knowledge base, and all other resources

Swivelt - Document Management
In App View

In App View

Just click on documents, videos, images, etc to view the content without having to jump to another tool

Access Permissions

Access Permissions

Decide who can access different files in your drive by settings permissions for teams, roles and individuals


Forms & Content

Put those key forms and content into your toolbox to ensure everyone is using the latest versions



Notify teams of new uploads you want them to review and use


Process & Procedures

Now you can be sure that everyone can get to the right process and procedure for their role

Document Storage

Build a role-based storage and filing system to give teams what they need to be successful and productive

Videos and Images

Add all your business videos and images to create a media rich knowledge centre

Quick links sharing

Make it easy for your team to get all the links they need to easily navigate your organization


Make it your own. Add multi-layers of folders, set different colour schemes and icons for every folder and link. Brand the look and feel of your shared space

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