Manage all your sales, marketing, support, and suppliers effortlessly with Swivelt’s CRM. Plus, make your company easier to do business with using a complete self-serve offering to your customers and suppliers

Sales Management

360 Degree Deal View

A single location to get a complete view of your customers, contacts and the entire sales and support engagement. With just a click get to your full interaction and commercial information​

Customizable Sales Process

With our CRM, create multiple custom stages, personalized views, re-organize the layout to suit your needs and processes​

Quote to Invoice

Go from quote to order, and from order to invoice, and manage products and services. Specify the price, quantity and send them to your customers directly from the CRM​

Click-to-Call Solution

There is no need for a separate calling system - with the inbuilt click-to-call feature, you can manage inbound and outbound calls that are automatically logged, including the call recording right in the CRM. The customer record auto appears during the call so you can ensure they get the right experience​​

Marketing Automation

Email Marketing

Send emails effortlessly to targeted customers right from CRM and track email campaigns to build sales momentum​

Full Campaign Management

Manage all your marketing campaigns and track their performance from lead generation till a closed deal

Template builder

Easy-to-build email templates, drag-and-drop editor, automation tools to track analytics in real time, and convert visual builder designs to HTML email templates and vice versa

Webforms Builder and UTM Tracking

Use Webforms to automatically collect information and needs from site visitors as well as their sources using UTM tags. Use it for lead generation, contact creation, support, customer satisfaction and many more options

Customer Support

Full Case Management

Fully automate case creation, assignment, and resolution process. Make it easy for team members to collaborate seamlessly to increase first time resolution rates.

FAQ into Knowledge

Turn frequently asked questions into a knowledge base accessible on the self-service portal to reduce case volume and help your team focus on solving more complex problems

Manage Satisfaction

Collect customer satisfaction and NPS scores directly into iCRM and use workflows to automate case follow-up to ensure customer feedback is converted into actions that will enhance their experience

Suppliers Management

Vendor Management

Get a 360-degree view of your suppliers and digitize/automate the end-to-end supply chain process. Store all commercial documents, stack rank supplier performance, introduce SLA based payments and much more

Purchase to Payment

Manage the purchasing process and build custom approval flows and automation to digitize the process, reduce supply risk and reduce manual work

Supply to Inventory

Automatically update inventory so you can track all your products, improve inventory management and automate purchasing


Customizable Reports

Full flexibility to create customer reports, visualize the status and outcomes across the full customer and supplier journey

Connect Data for One View

Connect all your data sources via API or CSV upload and see how all your business operations are performing in real time. Draw insights from the various activities, process stages, and overall progress to help you spot opportunities for improvements

Dashboards & Scorecards

Create unlimited dashboards and scorecards to ensure the priorities for your business are being achieved and progressing in the right direction



Create custom workflows to automate any part of your marketing, sales, support and supplier process

Custom Functions

Add custom actions to workflows to increase the power of workflow automation


Power up your website to automatically create leads, deals, tickets and other records

Automated Email

Set automation triggers to send emails internally and externally

Self-Serve Portal


Pick and choose different elements in iCRM to be displayed on your portal


Keep your business running 24/7 with a self-serve portal so customers can get support updates, make requests, make purchases, access FAQs, and many other functions at a time that suits them​


Connect your suppliers to your business so that they can work on projects with you, share supply availability, address requirements and other activities that will enable more efficiency in your supply chain process

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