Kiss goodbye to multi-solution and use iStrives project management to manage all your projects and digitise your processes

Swivelt - Project Manager

Process Digitization

Digitize routine processes and project management tasks to drive focus and productivity


Setup a timer to launch digitized processes and projects to automate you project management scheduling activity


Convert regular run processes and projects into templates to save your time launching repetitive activities


See the exact location of the team sending updates and get a visual notice if they are at the expected location

Task Dependency

Connect tasks to simplify scheduling, ensure accurate forecast of completion and drive sequential actions

Various Views

Use the variety of project visual representations to get a 360 view of your business project management

List View

Efficient view with visual gauges to give a complete picture of progress, priorities, due dates, and many more

Board View

Kanban board for quick and easy drag-and-drop progress updates

Gantt View

Holistic view of the complete project portfolio timeline with all its dependencies and milestones

Journey View

Great for digitizing processes so they become clear and simple journeys that guide anyone as well as provide an instant gauge of progress and readiness

Collaboration Tool


Fully integrated chat and comment feature to allow teams to interact together on each task​

Document Sharing

Upload documents, images, videos, guides, share information on progress, progress library, etc.

History Log

Always-on log of updates and progress to ensure full auditable history log ​of your project management


Status, Priorities, Types

Automate progression mapping by defining your own statuses, priorities, types of updates that can be tailored for each project and process​

Custom fields

With iStrives project management create an unlimited number of custom fields for text, picklist, number or any other type of input

Default View

Save the view you want to see or the whole team sees when using iProjects


Data Import

API connection to any data sources to track all your business performance in a single view

Connect External Data

Import data from 3rd party solutions via CSV upload or API connection

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