iRewards is an entirely new approach to team incentive programs.
This employee rewards solution uplifts motivation to a different level from instant recognition and provides you with an extensive toolkit of nudge mechanics, gamification, rankings, and many more tools to drive business outcomes

Star Rating

See Top Performers

Star ratings measure consistency of performance and allow you to quickly compare performance across an organization irrespective of the actual metric you're using between individuals and departments.
Let everyone see who is a real star in your team

Drive Motivation

Set specific targets for each team member or the whole organization and give a clear vision of how successful they are with a star rating

Trigger Engine

Set up triggers nudging the team members when the star rating drops below the benchmark. 
Make people aware of what they need to do to increase the number of stars. 
Get notified when someone is underperforming and take timely actions in the early stages

Digital Rewards


Set up a healthy competitive environment and motivate your teams to strive for better results and feel valued for achievements by getting new trophies into their digital collection


Reward team members with new levels for different outcome criteria and motivate them with this public recognition of their competence


Give badges to your warriors for daily victories.
You’re in control to set the criteria for issuing badges so that badges become a 360 degree reward system for performance, behaviors, collaboration, knowledge sharing, etc..

Monetary Rewards

Exchange Value

Introduce pay-for-performance for every role in your business as well as partners and suppliers.
Convert performance into pay rather than have flat payment structures for everyone other than sales


Flexible tool to spread payments across 1 or multiple metrics and link payment values to the outcomes so that you can penalise any misses in SLAs and/or targets

E-Wallet Gauge

Always on visual to see how much has been earned, can be earned, or has been lost.
A powerful tool to drive everyone to take their actions to make their scorecard all green

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