There are always many things to do in the business, and tracking your tasks can get complicated.
iStrives task management makes it quick and easy to manage to-do lists, set activities and actions for the whole organization.



Set rules for task management assignments approvals

Connect External Data

Connect External Data

API connection to other task management tools to allow a single view of all tasks and enable two-way updates when working with external parties or systems

Data Import

Data Import

Import data from 3rd party solutions via CSV upload or API connection

Right level of detail

Simple set of details so that the tasks can be set up quickly and within the desired timeframe, share attachments, comments and monitor the progress history so you can audit those sensitive tasks

Simple Assignment and timelines

Assign tasks to one or many team members. iStrives task management automatically duplicates the task so you can see individual status progress

Status Dashboard

A quick summary of the progress of all tasks at a glance and a quick filter to get the view of different status

Multiple View Options

Switch between list and board view options to get the most suitable structure for your task management style.
Update tasks statuses by dragging and dropping them from one Kanban column to another

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