Instantly drive focus with simple target setting, leaderboards, performance tracking, competitions, and reward mechanics with iPerform – automated performance management solution

Swivelt - Performance Management


Using Swivelt performance management solution you can easily connect one or multiple data sources to measure the results and activities across the whole business​

Internal Data

Data captured in iStrives is available to track performance easily

API Connector

Use the API connection and SSO feature to stream data

Data Upload

Upload data in a CSV and XLS

Metric Builder

With just a few clicks, convert data into any number of metrics so that business performance can be compared against objectives


Drag and drop data points and formulas to easily build a metric


Multiple formatting options combined with filters to shape measurements

Target Builder

Set up targets for your team to keep them focused and motivated towards the ultimate business goals

Clear targets

Create transparent and measurable targets against each business metrics

Set Scales

Set red, amber, green; gauge percentages to give visual gauges of performance


Use stars to measure performance consistence and define ranges for each star

Real Reward

Give a monetary reward for performance linked to differing performance outcomes

Variable Incentives

Use weightages to build a sophisticated incentive scheme and align outcomes to business impact

Automate performance management with custom triggers that digitize observations and turn them into instant actions

Trigger Builder

Drag and drop measurements to set various conditions that trigger an action


Automate the triggering of notifications, various actions, rewards and incentives


Combine the set targets and metrics into visual gauges to give instant performance feedback and prioritization. You are in total control of your performance management, setting the number of metrics, and keeping everyone aligned​

Assess and analyze

With just a click, see the details behind the scorecard.
Drill down to an individual team member's performance and filter results by period to get the view you need.
Toggle between a summary and average view to see how consistent each person is performing daily

Always-on-time update for everyone

Keep each team member updated, focused and motivated by giving them access to their own scorecard so they can see their own performance at any time

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