Not just another legacy HRMS.

In addition to the typical HRMS features, iPeople automatically connects to all the business modules to give a real-time view of performance, behaviors, and the tools to motivate and reward your employees


Get a 360-degree view of all your employees to gauge interactions, effectiveness, performance and collaboration. Plus, manage all your HRMS activities including connecting them to projects, business performance and other company operations


Leave Management

Manage all types of leaves, tailor to roles and countries, set your approval flow, manage requests and get a clear and simple view of balances in iStrives HRMS​


Expense Management

Setup your custom expense management process in iStrives HRMS and capture all the receipts and payment history​

AllEmployeeData img

All Employee Data

Capture all the information on your employees and use the various features of HRMS to set periodic reviews, issue documents and manage all your communications​


Employee Journeys

Create different journeys that can be used to digitize your people processes and ensure you can quickly assess the readiness. Journeys can be on-boarding, off-boarding, reviews, learning and development and much more


Time and Motion

Not only track login and logout but get a complete view of how time is spent as different tools are used in iStrives. Powerful tool to optimize operations and steer individuals towards productive time


All Employee Data

Manage your complete recruitment process and make it easy to convert candidates into employees with minimum administrational effort. Link your collection of information directly to iPeople to build up the candidate base so you can tap into that pool to help speed up hiring

Tree Map

See an entire organization on one screen with the ability to access teams' and individuals' performance, reporting lines, designations, contact details, direct chat, and even voice call functionality

Hierarchy view

Entire organization chart with all the lines of reports, teams, departments, regions, and countries divisions

Side-by-Side Performance

Flip a switch and see side by side performance that lets you structure the view by regions, countries, groups and teams


Find people you need in the Treemap and email, chat or call them with just a click

Behavior Mechanics

Combine Targets with Gamification, AI, Incentives and Recognition and you have the tools for behavioural mechanics at your fingertips. Use the mechanics to design, tweak and steer your teams to the desired outcomes

Trigger Mechanics

Trigger Mechanics

Set up triggers based on your targets and employees’ behavior to steer their performance


Employee Journeys

Motivate your team with trophies, badges, star ratings and real monetary rewards based on triggers and team achievements


Behaviours Settings

Track that teams and individuals are doing the key things that will make them effective beyond targets. Things like getting a task done on time, managing workload, interacting well, sharing knowledge, using tools, and more


Mood Tracking

Keeping a team performing at their best means looking beyond the numbers and influencing how they feel every day. Now you can always have a pulse of your team mood and use the tools in iStrives to keep them focused and motivated

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