Let the team change the game and win it by equipping them with leader boards, badges, notifications, competitions, and rewards using iStrives gamification feature

Leader Boards

Always on the stack ranking of performance that you can interact with by sending your comments or "like" what you see

Progress Track

See the overall achievements or drill down to a specific metric to see how it compares to the top three performers

Leaders Dashboard

See the full stack ranking of all team members linked with the progress track so that you can see a leader board for overall performance as well as individual metrics

Every Element

For every element you can see the leader boards not just for metrics, but also to assess “behaviours” that let you know if a team or individual is doing the right things to improve / sustain outcomes


With iStrives gamification, sustain the Competitive Spirit and create a highly motivated team with instant recognition of their performance as it happens, not weeks later…​


  • Using iStrives gamification make performance fun and set up contests to get individuals or teams focused on new or existing priorities
  • Run competitions either ad hoc or periodically, they are a flexible tool to ensuring you achieve the proper outcomes


  • Reward and motivate your rock stars so that they continue to shake and move your business straight to success with iStrives gamification
  • Share your love not only by big rewards but also via small acknowledgments every step towards the big goals

Badges, Trophies, Levels

  • Reward team members with badges, trophies, and new levels of mastership each time they accomplish tasks with increased complexity, plus keep them motivate with instant public recognition of their performance

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