Business assessment

Get a bespoke business assessment that audits all the functions that interact with your customers (front and back office). Business assessment has never been so impactful and actionable 

Swivelt - Business Assessment

Our business assessment won't miss a single detail of your operations and provide you with a holistic 360-degree view of your business:

  • Functions, processes, structure and execution assessment 
  • Relationship management, reporting, analytics, quality, knowledge management, content and technology 

Get a clear game plan for future growth using the results of our rigorous business assessment.

Within a few days and in the most convenient format for your business, you will get extended research of your:

  • people,
  • responsibilities,
  • frameworks,
  • performance,
  • processes,
  • daily operations,
  • analytics and costs

Get a clear game plan for future growth using the results of our rigorous business analysis.


See a clear and easy to understand picture of your business with its highs and lows, dos and don'ts in a single clear scorecard extracted from our business assessment and analysis

Focus Roadmap

Improve your performance and increase your productivity with a prioritized roadmap with impact estimations so you have the right understanding of why and where to focus

Get a holistic view of your business with all the gaps and growth opportunities shaped into a ready-to-implement roadmap for steering your business towards the right outcomes

Excited to learn more about our growth consultancy? Let’s discuss it:

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