All-in-one Business Solution Case Study

All-in-one Business Solution for a Global Growth Consulting and Product Development Company


  • Digitization of all business processes
  • Have a single view for all operations
  • Optimize CRM, collaboration, HR
  • Marketing automation
  • Work-from-anywhere solution
  • Inventory management

Countries: Worldwide


  • Hard – Revenue
  • Soft – Productivity
  • Soft – Customer Satisfaction,


  • Year on year revenue growth > 40%
  • Increase productivity by 25%
  • Increased CSAT > 95%
Swivelt - All-in-one Business Solution Case Study


  • iStrives all-in-one solution implementation
  • Project Management solution for employees onboarding and collaboration
  • CRM tools for marketing automation, salles and customer support management
  • Vendor, inventory, invoices, sales and purchase order – all in one tool (iCRM)
  • Customizable HR tool for people management

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