All-in-one Business Tool Case Study

All-in-one Business Tool Case Study for Leading Global IT Outsourcing Provider


  • Digitize all the company business processes
  • Optimize sales operations
  • Aggregate all the corporate communications in one tool

Countries: Worldwide


  • Hard – Revenue
  • Soft – Pipeline creation and Win Rate
  • Soft – YoY Growth, productivity


  • Reduced deal time to close MoM by 23%
  • Decreased number of unattended leads
  • Grown lead to deal conversion rate by 50%+
  • Increased efficiency of internal communications
Swivelt - All-in-one Business Tool Case Study


  • Implement iStrives to drive overall global sales
  • iStrives drive the right outcomes & steer behavior
  • iBoards for real-time BI and actionable data
  • Move all the sales interactions from Excel to iCRM
  • Automate standard emails communications
  • Integrate iStrives with corporate Outlook

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