Case Study

iStrives for Merchant Acquisition with E-wallet Provider​


Increase Merchant acquisition, activation, reactivation drive 100k+ Merchants across APAC.

Countries: Asia Pacific


  • Reduced onboarding lead time by 50%
  • Increased Conversion Rate to +50%,
  • Increased GTV by 20% month over month
  • Acquisition was 200-300% higher


  • 10x merchants onboarded digitally
  • Optimize lead generation channels
  • Increase conversion rate to +50%
  • Reduced Avg Time to Onboard Merchants by >5x


  • Implement iStrives suite of tools to drive business
  • Increase merchant acquisition, activation & reactivation
  • iStrives platform used to steer behavior, drive productivity
  • iStrives simplified quality management & content access
  • iCRM leverage to drive workflow automation & triggers
  • iBoards for trend analysis and intelligence
  • Digital Onboarding Platform for self-serve
  • iCall system – outbound automated Robots/IVR

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