Could Not Outsourcing Leads Generations Service Costing You More Than You Think?

2 min read I  Date: 12 Jan 2024

Statistics indicate that companies that outsource their lead generation witness a 43% increase in their sales opportunities. Surprisingly, businesses that struggle with in-house lead generation witness a staggering 61% higher cost per lead compared to those that outsource. Moreover, studies reveal that nearly 85% of B2B marketers consider lead generation as their top content marketing goal, showcasing the pivotal role it plays in sustaining a healthy sales funnel.

4 Ways Swivelt can transform your lead generation:

Tailored Strategies for Your Business

One size does not fit all in lead generation. Swivelt understands the unique needs and goals of your business, tailoring strategies to align with your specific industry and target audience. This personalized approach ensures that every lead generation campaign is crafted with precision to maximize its impact on your business growth.

Expertise and Specialization

When you outsource your services to Swivelt, you tap into a pool of seasoned professionals with expertise in lead generation. Our team is well-versed in the latest industry trends, technologies, and best practices, ensuring that your business benefits from cutting-edge strategies that drive results.

Scalability and Flexibility

Business needs are dynamic, and your lead generation strategy should be flexible enough to adapt. Outsourcing services with Swivelt provides the scalability needed to meet changing demands. Whether you’re launching a new product, expanding into new markets, or adjusting to seasonal fluctuations, the Swivelt team can easily scale efforts accordingly to meet your demands.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Running an in-house services team can be expensive, involving hiring, training, and ongoing management costs. Outsourcing to our company allows you to access top-tier talent without the burden of additional overhead. This cost-effective solution easily enables you to allocate resources more efficiently, directing funds towards other critical aspects of your business

Failing to outsource this vital function might inadvertently result in missed opportunities, increased expenses, and a failure to reach potential customers effectively. Good news, you can now outsource your Lead Generations service cost effectively to the experts who knows the drill.

And that’s what we do at Swivelt.

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