Growth Services

Grow your business with Swivelt’s bespoke services helping to capture and retain your customers and increase your revenue

Swivelt - Grwoth Services
Sales as a Service

We handle every stage of the pipeline, be it managing your end-to-end sales cycle, from marketing to sales closure, or a function such as demand generation, account management, renewal

  • Demand Generation
  • Acquisition
  • Account Management
  • Channel Management
Marketing as a Service

Increase your brand awareness, penetrate foreign markets, double up your leads' traffic with Swivelt marketing management solutions

  • No touch sales
  • Lead Generation
  • Digital Marketing
  • Social Media Management

Is it possible to see a +20% business growth within 6 months?

With Swivelt Growth Solutions it is

Customer Support as a Service

Skyrocket your customer satisfaction via all client interactions.
Our proven framework and analytics help to address the voice of your customers and drive continuously improved loyalty.

  • Customer Service
  • Technical Support
  • Concierge
  • Backoffice/Admin
Shared Services

Whether it's running your entire shared services or just one function. We help enable growth, in any region, function or shared service, such as HR, Payroll, Finance, Data Science, IT, etc

  • Recruitment and HR/Staffing
  • Training and Quality as a Service
  • Data Science as a Service
  • Social Media Management

Risk & Reward: Pay for Performance

We establish risk and reward models to tie our service fees to actual outcomes for your business.

The model drives innovation, process improvement, automation, and other activities to deliver continuous productivity improvements.

Our model reduces the financial risk of outsourcing and ensures a continuous exchange of value


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