iStrives – Your All in One Digital Office

2 min read I  Date: 11 Aug 2023

Have you ever thought or dreamed about having all your tools in a single app?

Isn’t it what every business is looking for?

Well, we just made your dream come true with #iStrives  🙌

iStrives is a 360-degree business platform that helps you to manage, simplify and control every aspect of your business with the below features.

🎯 PerformanceManagement solution that has a metric builder, scorecard settings to track performance, and much more.

🎯 We know how reporting & analytics can be time-consuming, but with iStrives #CRM you can now have more time for yourself.

🎯 Kiss goodbye to multi-solution and use iStrives #ProjectManagement to manage all your projects and digitize your processes. These are fully customizable too.

Sounds COOL you think? We haven’t finished. 😎

🎯 In addition to the typical #HRMS features, iStrives automatically connects to all the business modules to give a real-time view of performance and behaviors.

And here comes the FUN part! 🤠

🎯 iStrives comes with #Gamification features such as contests, badges, and rewards too!

What’s work without some fun, right? 🤩 

So, here we are giving you a

to try iStrives yourself!

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